Minutes of the annual meeting of the directors of the playground affordable housing corporation a california public benefit corporation

      The Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors of THE PLAYGROUND AFFORDABLE HOUSING CORPORATION, a California Public Benefit Corporation, (the “Corporation”) was held at Oakland, California at 7:30 p.m. on November 12, 2011, pursuant the Bylaws of the Corporation which permit the holding of the Annual Meeting of the Corporation without notice.  A quorum of the Directors of the Corporation were present including Margo Nelson, Christopher Brooks, Mario Rosero and Maggie Lawson.  Margo Nelson called the meeting to order.   The following items were discussed:

1.         The Board  reviewed the physical condition of the Property and found the physical condition of the Property to be adequate, assuming repairs and on-going maintenance as discussed at the meeting are completed.  In particular, the board reviewed the condition of the windows, main bathroom leak, water damage to the ceiling of the crafts room, electrical outlets, the oven and the sewer line.

2.         The Board reviewed the income and expenses of the corporation for the past fiscal period and the projected income and expenses for the next fiscal period, including the automatic rent increase provided for in the lease, and found that the existing budget will adequately protect the interests of the corporation.

3.         The Board has reviewed the general condition of the corporation and is reasonably satisfied that no action from the Board to change any of the activities of the corporation are required at this time to respond to any conditions regarding the corporation of which the Board is aware.

4.         The Board delayed the appointment of new officers for 2010 until it received the recommendation of the residents regarding appointment of new officers.

There being no further business to come before the meeting, on motion duly made, seconded and unanimously carried, the meeting was adjourned.




New Playgroundcoop.org!

Hello to all Playgrounders from Italia! Finally found some time to update the software that runs playgroundcoop.org, which is now powered by WordPress. I’ve transferred all the old content over (apart from the files section) and will be setting up accounts for all existing users. If you need an account please get in touch with Margo or Mario.

Good morning, good afternoon, and, good evening!
Jimmy aka Simon

Sustainable Living

UPDATE: I’ve added a Sustainable Living category to the new WordPress CMS. —Jimmy,  November 2011

This section is going to be a working project to post resources and links to other sites for a sustainable living. Also to show the different projects we are doing in the house.

Conserving water in the home

Simple ways to save water at home while reducing the pollution risk to nearby lakes, streams and watersheds.

Recycling basics for the home

Home recycling requires very little effort, yet offers substantial benefit to the homeowner as well as the environment.


Suggestions for slowing down our busy lives, and enjoying more of the moment. As we learn to simplify, the environment also benefits.

Grey Water System

Easy ways to build a grey water system

Energy-Efficient Heating

Simple, inexpensive ways to cut your fuel bill as much as 50%, while helping to conserve Earth’s resources.

Non-Toxic Home Cleaning

Toxic substances in many homecare products threaten your family and the environment’s health. Here are safe, natural and inexpensive alternatives.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

How to get more value from your home appliances, and the best value from new appliances, while reducing home energy use. Non-Toxic Paint
New environmental regulations, and consumer demand, have led to the development of new paints which are durable, cost-effective and less harmful to human and environmental health.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

There’s been a quiet revolution in lighting. New bulbs are available which save energy, reduce pollution and cost less in the long run.

Natural Insect Pest Control

Which is worse – the insect pests in your home, or the pesticides used to treat them? Before reaching for the chemicals, try these safer natural methods.


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  • http://www.green-trust.org/bagend.htm
  • http://www.rogerdean.com/architecture/index.htm
  • http://www.geocities.com/flyingconcrete/index.htm
  • http://www.cityfarmer.org/SolarRoof.html#solar
  • http://www.green-trust.org/bagend.htm

New Photos

I scanned & posted a few photos today, all from the 1984-1987 period.